About the Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint

The Commtap Symboliser for PowerPoint is an "add-in" for PowerPoint which enables you to quickly add pictures and symbols to text. Type some text (for example "Let's eat some cake."). Click in a word and then click on the "Symbolise" button - an image will appear. Click the button again, and if there is an alternative image for the word you chose, that will be displayed instead.

You can symbolise some or all of the words in a block of text so that you have a set of symbols which visually show information about the meaning of the text.

You can set the symbols to appear above or below the text. You can set the symbols to appear above (or below) text boxes, paragraphs or individual words.

You can use the small built in symbol set that comes with the symboliser (Mulberry). You can connect to larger online symbol sets directly from the symboliser, you can also download other free symbol sets

You can purchase symbol sets, or you can make your own (for example a set of people's photos).



Click on a button to add a symbol to a word or group of words. Continue clicking to see alternatives. Click on "previous" to cycle back through the alternatives.

Default size

Choose any symbol or shape and set that to be the size for subsequent symbols that are added.

Symbol position - above/below

Set symbols to appear above or below text.

Symbol location

Set symbols to appear above or below text boxes, paragraphs or aligned to words.

Symbol spacing

Set the spacing between symbols and between symbols and text.

Symbol set from folder

Browse to any folder on your computer or network to create a symbol set. Then, typing text from the name of any image in that folder will have that image appearing in the document when you click "symbolise".

Online symbol sets

Easily connect to online symbol sets. You automatically get access to new symbols as and when they are added.

Quick grid

Quickly make a grid which fills an entire slide with the number of cells across and down that you specify.

Make into grid

Select one or more PowerPoint shapes and create a grid from them. Allows you to easily create a huge range of grid styles.


Select a group of shapes and text and scale them proportionately.

Tidy text

Select a text box and tidy up the text and symbols associated with it - no need to manually move symbols around.

Alternate word

When you symbolise a word, have symbols for a different word also appear.

Symbol qualifiers

Add extra meaning to symbols: negative, past, future, plural, comparative, superlative, emphasis.

Symbol copyrights

Quickly create a grid showing the copyrights for all online symbols you have used. Makes it easy to show the appropriate attributions for any documents you share.

Symbols used

Create a grid of all the symbols you have used in a document. Great for explaining words and symbols you have used.

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