This is a versatile way of making a grid of cells which you will then add text and symbols to. For a simpler way of making a grid, use "Quick Grid".

1. Create one cell that occupies the space that you want your final grid to take up:

  • Start with a blank slide (Home New Slide   Blank).
  • Insert a shape: Home Shapes choose a rounded rectangle for example.
  • Use the mouse to draw the shape onto the slide.
  • Right click the shape Format Shape.
  • Adjust the fill and line.
  • Insert a text box: Home Shapes choose text box.
  • Insert this as above.
  • Type something in the box - for example "text" (it needs to have something in it otherwise the text box will disappear).
  • Select the text box and adjust the font size.

2. Make a grid

Now, select both of these, and choose Home Make into grid (in the "Grid maker" group). Enter the number of cells across and down that you want. You should end up with something like this:

3. Symbolise

You can now change the text in each cell and symbolise them:

When you insert the first picture, you might want to resize it. Once you have done that you can select "Default size" in the Commtap Symboliser group - so that when you symbolise the other cells, the images that appear are the right size.